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questions to ask a fishing guide
before booking a trip

The questions below are good ones to read through and consider before booking a trip with a guide or charter service. Many may not apply to your trip and some are related to trips in other countries and don't apply to your nest outing, but we suggest you look through all the questions and consider asking at least a few of them before booking a trip and perhaps you'll end up having a better understanding of exactly what to expect and you won't end up getting surprised.

The above information was used with the permission LeeRoy Wisner of
LeeRoy Wisner had posted several EXTREMELY informative articles on the Puget Sound Anglers website and we strongly recommend visiting that website or
click here to email him directly. As an editor's note I must say that in my lifetime of searching every available resource I have never come across so many helpful and informative articles as those written by LeeRoy Wisner. Thanks again and hats to LeeRoy for giving us permission to post these articles so that you can learn more about fishing and hopefully you catch more fish!