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how to make your own fish scent
fish scents & fish gels

Make Your Own Fish Scent?? 

Fish Oils Turned Into Gel???


thanks to: Kevin Hescock

I have a trick to get fish oils into gel form.
Take Albalene hand cram (a scentless gel cold cream type product) in a 35mm film canister about 2/3 full. Fill the last 1/3 or so of the jar with fish oil or my favorite WD40! 
mix with a small stick or toothpick.

The gel will liquefy with heat so keep out of heat or sun. Rub on lures or baits

I also use it on my leaders when tying up egg loops for lube.

If it liquefies just put jar in river water or whatever you're fishing in for a bout 30 sec to gel it up again.

Remember the mix: no more than 1/3 oil or other product.

Submited by Kevin Hescock
Son of Lynn Hescock of Lynn Hescock Guide Service