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how to get along with fishing guides and charter boat captains

by Herb Allen

Some frequently expressed complaints from the guide's standpoint:

On the positive side, characteristics that are appreciated by guides:

But, what happens when, for one reason or another, your guide is uncooperative, surly, or totally inefficient?

"It's best in this situation," says Chapralis, "to mention it to the camp manager or owner. Let them know while you are at camp and maybe something can be done about it."

Too often, moan camp owners, we never hear about it, or, when we do, it's too late.

Native Floridians can certainly relate to some of the guide's gripes.

For example, how often have we heard a "snowbird"--or someone who recently relocated to Florida--tell us:

Oh, well, you get the idea.

Thanks much to Herb Allen for submitting this article.

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