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How To Fish East Lake


by Jimmy Lewis

I have been fishing East Lake for 18 years now and is my favorite lake. East Lake is located east of Paulina Lake and I don't think it gets the pressure or the respect that paulina does. The reason I like East Lake better is that there is Atlantic salmon, Brown and Rainbow trout and Kokanee in the lake.
For Atlantic salmon try trolling small rapala's, little cleo's and small flatfish near the hot springs and in front of the cabins. In the fall I like to troll a white fly in front of the cliffs on the north side of the lake. These fish are not that big 14-20 inches but they fight great and they feed on the chubs in the lake.

For Brown trout I use gold or rainbow rapala's from size 9 to 18,in jointed or straight body lures. Early in the year you are limited where to fish because of the ice. Around memorial weekend the lake should be ice free and I like to fish the east side of the lake. By the fourth of July most people fishing for browns are gone but they are easy to catch in the summer too. Just troll rapala's or Tasmanian devils in front of the weed beds a hour before sunrise and the last hour of the day. This year I just started using scent on my lures and it has made a big difference, I been using pro-cure trophy trout sauce.

For the rainbows and kokanee use the standard lures but don't use over 6 pound line. After the lake has been planted its a great lake for kids. I have been out fished from my daughters several times and they just use a bobber and worm. Best place for rainbows are just in front of the cabins and for kokanee try in front of the white slide.
The photo's below are of the boat launch at the hot springs in may a few years ago, a photo of my daughter Kristi and me fishing just north of the white slide and me with a seven pound brown I caught and release last spring.

Hope this helps
 Jimmy Lewis