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How To Fish Diamond Lake

Thanks to Ron  "cutthroat" for this info on:

How to fish Diamond Lake

Start in the south end. Most locals will tell you to fish the other side and north end but from many trips at all different times of the year I have yet to let down when fishing the south end.

Start with 4lb maximum weight line and place a 1/8 to 1/4oz sliding sinker on to which tie a small (I prefer black) barrel swivel. Start with 18" leader, you may have to adjust this up or down but this tends to be a good starting point.

Generally anywhere in the shallow south end you'll find weeds. They will vary in height and density according to time of year and water temperature. They are your friend. The water is generally somewhat clear and staying in the 8-12 ft depth range cruise around until you see a bare spot, this can be from a 12ft opening to as much as 30ft. Anchor (important to use two anchors) off to one side and then cast back into the clearing. Strip off plenty of line and let it lay on top of the water when the line begins to twitch get ready. It may move off real slow or it may take off like a cannon. Whatever you do don't horse

them you will occasionally hook a 5-6lb fish and if he's moving the opposite way he break off easily.

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Bait: 1/3-1/2 of a nightcrawler works best threaded up onto the line with a mini marshmallow to keep it up off the bottom. (if you run out of worms just use marshmallow) Yes I've tried power bait and about anything you can think of but how many lakes can you go to and catch 100 or so good sized trout every time even when no one else is catching them?

One other spot that pans out if the water is warm is silent creek inlet. From the mouth follow the current into the lake just until you can see the weed line, then anchor and fish along the weed line, don't fall into the lake when you see the 5lber's swimming right by you. If you like to fly fish this is an excellent place to toss dry or wet flies.

The fishing isn't nearly as good as 5 or 6 years ago mainly because the fish don't get as big now that someone planted trash fish in the lake. But when you find a trout pocket chances are good you'll be able to catch enough to wear your arm out. Have fun and catch and release the majority of them so there will be some when I get there in August.